The Journey of becoming a Residential & Commercial Real Estate Agent

1. Why do I want to take the journey?
a. A little background: I’m the newest agent of DMC Real Estate, based in North Hollywood, (Los Angeles) my names David Chalem. If you don’t know me personally let’s meet Blogally, like we are now. You are reading my blog and I at one point in time was jotting down on a word document hoping someday someone reads the words I so carefully produced for this blog. So here you are reading my blog? YAY. Let’s start the journey. I started by being born. Don’t worry I won’t take you that far back, but it’s important you know I am a person. Let’s flash forward to where it all changed for me. I’ll take you to college: Chico state. Party USA, some call it, education and breaking out of my shell was what I called it. Chico broke me, metaphorically. Once was a shell is now a Velociraptor. I learned in Chico people are my thing, before I went, they were nowhere near me. I started interacting with people, but don’t get me wrong I am also very efficient at using a whole Saturday to binge watch a show. Remember I am an agent, but the stigma of “sell sell sell” doesn’t run in these veins. We, at least my team and I are here to educate and advise. Back to the topic I learned in school I like interacting with people. And what better place then going into Commercial Landscaping to talk to people. Yes, that’s my first job out of college and I was blessed to have it. I was an estimator for American Landscape in Canoga Park CA. I learned so much about analysis, calling clients, making fast paced judgements that could affect multimillion dollar projects. Which all lead me to the belief, that I wasn’t getting paid enough. Which lead me to the new belief that maybe my calling is somewhere else. But as I listened to my new calling of not getting paid enough, I also listened to my heart and realized that the money wasn’t the thing. Lightbulb? In my days of estimating at American, I never once stopped to think: “I’m not interacting with anyone”. And boy it clicked in my head. It might be time to get into another field that let’s me explore my passion. Which landed me in the now, which is the Real Estate now. Educated, licensed as an agent, and ready to mingle with some compadres.
i. A few benefits so far:
1. Financial independence:
a. Don’t you just hate the fact that no matter how many times you stare at your salary, you know, it’s a set amount and you’re just helping someone else reach a bottom line in their company.
i. Answer: not anymore.
2. Write offs
a. “So, you’re telling me I can’t write off my 40 miles round trip to get to work because they give me a salary”
i. Answer: not anymore.
3. Meeting people
a. I must stay confined to my chair and click away on a computer and then once a month we get a birthday cake that celebrates everyone’s birthday for the month. OR oh wait they got us breakfast burritos but there’s no benefits. BUT at least I got a breakfast burrito.
i. Answer: not anymore
1. P.S.: Shooting the $h*t has never become so lucrative.

2. Where do I go to school?
a. This is a simple and easy question. NOT ONLINE. If you are pondering the idea of becoming an agent and you run into the fact that a class setting doesn’t suit you and you’d much rather do these classes online. STOP.
1. If you want to do the classes online because you’re juggling a lot of things, and don’t have time to go into class then sure continue forward on your pilgrimage towards independence.
ii. BUT.
1. If you are doing these classes online because being around too many people makes you anxious then you should really stop to think about even becoming an agent in the first place. You will be interacting with people night and day, 24/7. If you are a person who gets excited when plans are cancelled because you didn’t want to hang out, then get ready to have your existence blown out of the water.
3. Why would I go to school if I could just learn this from YouTube university?
a. Besides needing hours from an accredited university or vocational classroom, in class experience is essential. If I didn’t have Mike Chung of CORE Real estate school in Pasadena (not a paid sponsorship, REAL PERSON), I wouldn’t have learned half the things I now know. The classroom gives you an environment of people, who also think they are people pleasers in 1 room. You can easily figure out based on the climate in the room if this is for you or not. On top of that you get a professional real estate agent, MOST OF THE TIME, who is teaching the class. That person will guide you with real time experience as opposed to, “please refer to the example above” YouTube University will provide you.
4. MidSchool Life Crisis
a. Am I ready for this? YES
b. Will I get clients? YES
c. How do I get clients? YES
i. You will be making cold calls
ii. You will be reaching out to old friends
iii. You will have to change your old ways of, “you have 263 unread messages?!”
1. BUT
5. Where do I go work after school?
a. Don’t worry once you pass your test, you will get more then 2 million postcards asking, “Come work for our company, were looking for agents just like you”. “Call me now to setup an interview”. Dive into the interviews see who you like and RUN RUN RUN yourself into some commission.
6. So much WHY but challenge yourself too WHY NOT
a. Basic answer: WHY NOT
i. Look at what’s holding you back.
ii. Look if you are a people person.
iii. Look at your options.
iv. Explore the idea of joining real estate.
1. Remember:
a. It’s NEVER too late.
7. Is this for me?
a. Will it hurt to find out?
i. People need to understand failure is a part of growth.
ii. You can’t pick yourself up if you never get knocked down.
8. Conclusion sentence:


a. (818) 761-4252