For nearly Twenty Seven years, DMC Real Estate Inc. has been focusing on the needs of real estate clients and investors by offering a complete array of real estate services. DMC Real Estate Inc. stands apart from the rest by offering a commitment to full-service investing. DMC Real Estate Inc. welcomes real estate investors educated in the market of real estate, and clients that are not proficient in the real estate market, but would like to begin their real estate investments or strengthen their portfolios.

DMC Real Estate Inc. handles all aspects of the real estate investments process. Whether it’s assessing and discussing an individual investor’s financial objectives, strategizing and organizing a detailed due diligence campaign, providing property management services, or working toward the goals of our new clients or investors, we work to equip all our clients with the tools they’ll need to establish and maintain a successful real estate portfolio. All the associates at DMC Real Estate Inc. are professionals and strive to maximize the value of their clients’ real estate investment portfolio, while concurrently focusing on their long-term investment objectives.

Due Diligence The Most Important Factor in Making the Investment:

DMC Real Estate Inc. believes the most important step in any new property acquisition is a detailed due diligence review.  The ultimate objective of the due diligence review is to assess any conditions that may ultimately affect their clients’ investment.  DMC Real Estate Inc. assists in the in-depth analysis of their clients’ potential investment by delving into all financial and physical aspects of every property.

DMC Real Estate Inc. with its clients’ authorization and approval prefers to use a team of experienced professionals to analyze all leases and documents that may have any financial implications on the investment.  Including walking through and photographing the shopping center, or analyzing sales figures of a commercial “Net” tenant, DMC Real Estate Inc. works diligently to ensure that the property is accurately presented and that it will be an advantageous investment for their client.

DMC Real Estate Inc. takes their clients’ due diligence campaign further than just a standard property assessment.  We work to assist in arranging financing, organize insurance evaluations, assist in arranging in-depth engineering and structural analysis, assist in establishing detailed operating budgets and pro-forma financial statements, and consistently scrutinize any aspect of the property that may impact the future performance of the investment.

In many cases our intense due diligence campaign will surface issues that had not even been apparent to the existing owner.  This offers our client additional leverage throughout the sales campaign.

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