• When we discuss Commercial Real Estate in Studio City, CA you’re most likely talking about the retail properties along Ventura Boulevard. Studio City runs from the Western boundary of Fulton Ave., till the Eastern boundary of Lankershim Blvd.
  • In between Fulton & Lankershim, 99% of the properties are commercial properties. We have offices, grocery stores, hotel, motels, retail shops, and automotive businesses.
  • The rents in this area for Commercial space are amongst the highest in all the San Fernando Valley. As is the case for prices for building values, amongst the highest in the San Fernando Valley. CBS Studio calls home to Studio City, as you will now understand why “Studio” is in the name. There were many studios in the area over the past hundred years.
  • Studio City sits just adjacent to the “Westside”, therefore Hollywood, Sunset Strip, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills are just minutes over the hills. The location is known for many celebrities living in the neighborhood. There is also an excellent elementary school- Carpenter Elementary, which is highly desirable. Campbell Hall is an exclusive private school K-12th grade, which is also in this neighborhood.

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